Increase Children’s Self-Esteem By Teaching Them the Importance of Giving Back

There’s no doubt that all parents want the absolute best for their children! The best education; the best clothes; the latest technology gadget; and, the latest video game consoles are only a few items that parents spend their hard-earned money on.  Some parents may feel like my parents did; my parents wanted me to have more than they did.  But, I ask, is this an appropriate approach?  (more…)

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Empower Black Girls

It is our desire to feature girls, young ladies, and women who positively, even if not intentionally serve as excellent roles models. Society will have us to accept a make-believe story about who we are and how we should look.  We secretly begin to condemn ourselves. That is not the story, nor the path of Pam Richardson, the founder of  Images of Culture. (more…)

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Who is Pamela Richardson?

Richardson, is the Founder & CEO of Images of Culture a company focused on lifting the self-esteem of African American children. Images of Culture, delivers quality school supply products with uplifting, positive graphics and messages for African-American school-aged youth. (more…)

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Images of Culture: School Supplies for Children of Color is a black woman owned business that sells school supplies for children of color.

As a young black woman who can relate to growing up in a mostly white atmosphere from age 0 to 22, I can’t remember seeing many images of black girls like me at school, on television or in magazines. (more…)

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Interview: Pam Richardson of Images of Culture!

1. What is Images of Culture and what inspired you to start it?

Images of Culture is minority-owned company that designs and manufacturers school supply products for children of color. As a 15-year veteran of corporate America, I have seen companies make executive decisions NOT to invest in multi-cultural initiatives due to perceived lack of returns. (more…)

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New African-American stationery company promotes positive images for children of color

-Unique product line features relatable artwork depicting positive, fun activities- 

Los Angeles, CA [April 2012] — In an industry dominated by majority-owned companies and influences, Images of Culture (IOC), a new stationery marketing company, launches today to deliver quality school supply products with uplifting, positive graphics and messages for African-American school-aged youth.  The company was created by 10-year marketing veteran and African-American entrepreneur Pamela A. Richardson out of a desire and passion to fill the void and provide Black youth with in-school materials that positively reflect them in an inspirational, hip and fun way. (more…)

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