The Making of a Self-Esteem Entrepreneur

Growing in a rural area, I didn’t see many items that featured someone like me. Only on hair care products, did I see girls and women that had similar facial features and hair textures like me. There definitely weren’t any black dolls that I could play with; all I had was Barbie and Ken. I do remember when the baby-version of the Cabbage Patch Kid came out; unfortunately, I was in my teens and had grown past the doll stage.

Not seeing people like me on products, on TV, my self-esteem was very low. Did I mention that I was fat too? All of my friends had long blond hair; they looked so cute in their clothes! I just hated everything about myself – my hair, my nose, my shape. I started to gain a bit of confidence when I entered high school. The summer before freshman year, I joined the marching band, as a flag girl and lost a ton of weight! Plus, I did start receiving some attention from boys! (That’s always good!)

Things took a turn when I went to college. All that self-doubt came back with a vengeance. On the grounds of the University of Virginia, there were so many beautiful people; not just pretty, but beautiful. I felt so out of place and inferior because of my looks and my country accent. I developed strong friendships and, again, over time, I began to feel better about myself. I even welcomed the aspect of embracing diversity and multiculturalism through the selection of my majors – Sociology and Anthropology. I wanted to learn about other cultures and experiences from my studies as well as from my friends, who had grown up differently than I.

Here we go… AGAIN! Welcome to the real world! Once I started interviewing for jobs and seeing the competition, that big bully – low self-esteem, re-entered my life. Unfortunately, it stayed for much longer this time around! I had issues with my job, well “jobs”. Looking back, I always put myself in a competition with co-workers. It was all self-imposed. What I didn’t realize is that I needed to perform to the best of MY ability; not be worried about what someone else was doing. They certainly were not worried about me!

With my current mindset, I could have conquered all my previous corporate “disappointments”. There’s no doubt in my mind. With the creation of Images of Culture, I have incorporated everything that I enjoy the most – creativity, meeting new and different people, marketing, advertising, promotions, social media, and some of the things that just come along with being in business for yourself.

I’m just getting started with Images of Culture! So many people have been unbelievably receptive to my idea and see my vision! The first product on the market is a line of one-subject notebooks available in six vibrant designs with cover art depicting African-American cultural experiences such as family, sports and social activities. Each notebook is made with high quality materials that are durable and eco-friendly. In addition to African-Americans, my goal is to produce similar educational materials for Latinos, Caucasians, Asians and biracial children. My mission is for every child to “Love the YOU, YOU see!”

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